Brett Sheroky



Grab a lawn chair… fill that cooler up with Reddy Ice

Let’s go somewhere… where there’s water and sunshine

Don’t need no special occasion… to make today a vacation

We'll have a Koozie covered cold one, whiskey sippin sing along, Jose till that worm is gone


It’s an alcoholiday… it’s a good time to take

A day off of the calendar… celebrate it like we’re firing off the 4th of July

It’s an alcoholiday …. Alcoholiday


We’ll hit that dollar tree … for some sunscreen and discount shades

On our way to be… chasing down a little buzz by a river bank

Don’t need no special occasion… to make today a vacation

We’ll/lets have a flippy cuppin, empty crushin, chuggaluggin like it’s nuthin

Twist a top and pour me something strong


Take A Heartbreak

I didn’t even see your leavin comin

Two years gone right on down the drain

Well there’s a lot of fish left in the sea and I’m sure there’s another one there for me

But before I go and cast a line I think…


Im gonna take a heart break and put it on an airplane

Gonna touch down in a beach town and drink my cares away

Reaching for a cold can instead of your cold hand

Forget about love sitting in the sun today

I’m gonna take a heart break


I’m gonna put my chair right there by the water

And let your memory roll out with the tide

And when the girls go by lookin Caribbean hot

I aint gonna care I aint being stopped

From putting my broken heart on a cooler of ice



I'm gonna take a heart break, a little getaway

Some free time, some me time, gonna give love a little space


Still Broken

Yeah we really oughta quit

When last time was the last time like it always is

When at 3am on a cold night

What’s wrong feels right

Yeah we really oughta quit

But oh, you're running through my veins



We can't escape the fact that we ain’t gonna get away

From that low that we both know this temporary high will bring

We’ve already been where this thing’s going

So tell me why do we go there knowing

That we’ll get our fix and then still both be broken


Yeah old habits die hard

But this one is killing us so here we are

With the sun coming up on a heart break

Shedding light on a mistake we make

Cuz old habits die hard



We’ll see the damage done, when we pick our pieces up


Amber Waves of Grain

From them map dot towns to those big cities on the coast

From them six lane highways to those old dirt roads

We’re from different walks of life but at the end of the day

When we wanna unwind we’re really all the same

Ah red or yellow, black or white

We’re still red and white and blue inside


From sea to shining sea anywhere you go you’re gonna find

Some Milwaukee wheat being held up on a Saturday night

A hometown crowd singing loud "let freedom ring"

A bunch of long neck bottles full of 12 fluid ounces swaying over our heads while we make

Some American, amber waves of grain


Sometimes we get divided but, that aint how it has to be

Cuz sometimes we can lift each other higher than, purple mountain majesties

And put the ‘us’ in the USA

Over some cold and light American mades



So lets raise em up higher than a July firework lighting up her spacious skies

From sea to shining sea, Golden Gate to Lady Liberty


Livin It Up

A little pre-game warming up… Fireball in a flip cup

You pour I’ll line em up but hurry cuz that Uber’s comin

There’s a neon burning bright.. waiting to hit us like a spotlight

When we walk in all like “alright, here we come yeah”


We gonna go all out like superman on a rocket

We gonna paint this town spending money like we got it

Like tomorrow aint comin and there’s nuthin but right now

Livin it up without worrying bout livin it down


We’ll be feeling like we’re somethin else… taking shots from the top shelf

Buying rounds knowing full well were gonna pay for all this later

Come tomorrow when we wake up hurting 

We can wonder ‘was it really worth it?’ 

But right now one thing’s for sure it sure don’t matter, hey we’re